I don’t really shop for bike projects anymore. I have several underway currently and others seems to just appear out of thin air. This frame came to me from an individual who had visited a page that I maintain, “The Girardengo Barn.” He was apparently in a similar situation and needed to offload this project to someone else. Call me a sucker but I took on the challenge!

Girardengo bicycles are often difficult to determine the date of manufacture. There seems to be a variety of numbering patterns used, including no numbers at all, so that method is currently of little help. The most often successful method is by dating the components on the bike. With a bare frame and for however you no longer have that option and other characteristics must be examined. The next useful method to get you in the ballpark is the head-badge design.

Throughout the 1950’s including (probably) 1958 a distinctive style of head-badge was used. The design changed in approximately 1959 which used a similar graphic on a different shield shaped badge. Then in approximately 1962 we saw the addition of a badge on the seat tube which generally included lettering such as “Champion of the World.” These probably continued through the mid-60’s after which time the production of Girardengo bicycles as we know them probably ceased. In the 1970’s and beyond there are few examples of Girardengo bicycles, most were of lower quality and produced under license. The head-badge had devolved into a sticker and the marque had essentially vanished.

This Girardengo may be an original paint color. The paint is in generally poor condition but the lug outlining is still sharp. The badges are devoid of all paint which is unusual. Often there are some traces remaining since the paint used on badges is quite durable. That leaves open the possibility that this could have been an older repaint and the badges were previously stripped.

I will wait and see how I feel about this project. It will be some time before I get to it but I though I would share it for the time being.