Rough but Original?

That is how this bike came to me. It had probably been ridden very lightly for a couple of years and then stored for over 40 years! It was as original as you can get with, tires, cables, seat and brake pads all nearly unused but suffering from age deterioration. Some rust has diminished the chrome but it should be 90 percent salvageable. There are scrapes on the paint and the logos are faded but other decals and the head-badge look pretty good! This is just how I like to get a bike, I think this will clean up very nicely!


The component specs are mostly as shown in the catalog below but there are a couple of standout items. The Campagnolo Sport 3320 crank-set is an interesting model which was produced for only one year in 1971, making it exceedingly rare! It features a square taper, steel 3 arm spider and crank arms, paired with aluminum chain rings. It is rumored that these were made by Magistroni for Campagnolo. This could certainly be true since Magistroni made crank-sets for a number of other builders. This item alone is worth more than I paid for the bike!

Also, the Campagnolo Gran Turismo rear derailleur is pretty much an early 1970’s only item. It is stylish but heavy and can handle up to a 36 tooth freewheel cog! It is matched with a Valentino Front derailleur which seems to be essentially a re-introduction of the venerable Gran Sport unit which Campagnolo had sold throughout the 1950’s and 60’s.

The saddle is a French Per John #2, which is probably a mid-grade saddle used to fill the need. Other saddles may also have been used on this model since only “leather racing saddle” was the only specification used in the catalog. Whatever leather saddle was in stock was probably slapped on this model!


Before pics

This is how the bike looked right out of the box. It was packed very poorly by someone who probably was not an enthusiast and was just getting rid of the bike. That’s okay with me, although I may not get to it right away, the bike is in good hands now!

Further updates.