A virtual barn of Lygie’s from around the world

Here you will find images of Lygie’s that have been gathered from around the web. Your contributions are welcome, just send me a link in the comments section below and I will upload any relevant photos and add the to the collection. Please provide any additional info you can with link, year of bike, location etc.

One thing that I have noticed with Lygie bicycles is that there seems to be no “correct” type of component spec. Since so little is known about how this bike came it seems that many who build these bikes back up have no guidelines to go by. They just go with whatever they think looks good on their bike. Some of the bikes below look pretty good and others are quite mismatched.

My comments on any particular part of the bikes below are not meant as criticism, they are meant to identify what may not be a “period correct” part or component. If for example, a frame is said to be from the 1950’s but the brakes are from the 1960’s then a reader should know that the bike originally came with a different model of brake.

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Lygie components and Pantographs

Bikes & frames, mixed

1979 Lygie Sprint

Frame #79L9936

Here is a very original machine, probably among the last to be imported to the US.

1979 Lygie Sprint

Frame #79F4524

1975 Lygie Touring bike

I’m believe that this bike is from 1975. The logo seems to be a later version and the brand is starting to look a little cheap. Lesser quality frame & components and it seem geared for a touring set up. Can you say “bike boom.”

Another 1975 example

Frame # 75G3595

1970’s Lygie Town Bike

1973 Lygie

Frame #73A1629

1973 Lygie

1973 Lygie

Frame #73A1573

1973 Lygie in Japan

Frame #73A1393

This one seems atypical to me. It has an unusual mix of components, French, Italian, Swiss and Japanese, perhaps even more. It is definitely not period correct. I suspect that this is mainly a spare parts bike, built up with whatever was on hand or could be found locally. But, if you are not concerned about the spec, it presents nicely enough and has some good qualities!

1972 Lygie, 65 cm

Frame #72A1850

1972 Lygie

1972 Lygie

Frame #72A1711

1971 Lygie

Frame #71A1741

1970 Lygie

Similar to the other other 1970 units

1970 Lygie in Oregon

Frame #70A1699

This project bike is apparently still waiting to begin. Mark in Portland has allowed me to post it here.

1970 Lygie, near perfect

Frame #70A1711

1970 Lygie on eBay


This appears to be very similar to the frame shown above, the frame number appears to be 70A1541 which is very close numerically.

1970 Lygie project bike

Frame #70G6355


1970 Lygie frame/fork

Frame #70A1535

1970’ish Lygie

1969 Lygie

Frame #69A1280

Looks pretty original, unknown if it had any colored panels

1969 Lygie

Frame #69A1271

1968 Lygie Ladies Super Professional

This one is interesting in that it is a top tier frame and spec in a ladies format!

Late 1960’s Ladies

1967 Lygie

Frame #67A1597

1966 Lygie frame, repainted

Frame #66A0330

1966 Frame

Frame #66A0347

1966 Lygie resto-mod

1960’s Mens

1960’s Ladies

This is probably a late 1960’s mixte. It looks pretty original but I don’t know about the shifters.

1960’s Lygie Tandem

Here is a very rare machine, a Lygie tandem. It is probably from the late 60’s judging by the components which look appropriate for this bike and period. One interesting feature is the unique mount for the stoker stem.

Early 1960’s Lygie

This bike appears to be mostly period correct but there is no way of knowing whether or not they are the original components. The Balilla brake-set is certainly from the 60’s as is the Magistroni crank-set. The frame number is not visible and the make up of the wheels is unknown as well.

1961 Lygie

1960 Lygie

This is one of the better early bikes I have seen but it is not original. The source claimed that this was a 1953 model but that is not confirmed. The brake lever hoods have the Universal logo but the levers themselves look like Modolo. The rear derailleur seems to a Campy Turismo (1970) with a different cage. Serial number seems to indicate that this is a 1960 model but is inconclusive.

Early 1960’s Lygie, Corsa Special

This is probably a 1960’ish model but it is unknown if the components are correct. It seems to be a special edition model.

Lygie, unknown year

Probably a late 1950’s frame assembled with a mix of old parts from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Lygie, 1958?

Lygie, mid – 1950’s

This one looks like it could be original, Simplex derailleurs, 3 speed freewheel are both mid 50’s.

1950’s Lygie

Another mid 1950’s bike in Italy with Simplex Competition front derailleur and 4 speed rear. The FD was produced from 1949 through the late 1950’s. This bike appears to be nicely repainted but original otherwise.

1950’s Lygie in Italy

This bike appears to be a repaint but looks like it still has all it’s original components, including a 3 arm cottered crank, 4 speed freewheel and nutted axles.

1950 Lygie with Cambio Corsa

This bicycle looks very original to me and probably from 1948 or 1950. I can’t see much about the brakes but the rest is all good!

1950 Lygie City Bike with Cambio Corsa

Late 1940’s with Cambio Corsa

1948 Lygie with Cambio Corsa

1948 Lygie with Cambio Corsa

1947 Lygie with Cambio Corsa

1939 Lygie

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