If you have not followed the lead up to this event then you should read the posts prior to this one first. It is written assuming some knowledge of L’Eroica and the reader may not appreciate this post without that understanding. The reason for this follow-up post is to share a couple of additional photo’s from the event and also to provide a few of my conclusions about the event now that I have had some time to reflect on it. First, let me say that L’Eroica was one of the standout events in all of my years of cycling.  The premise and tradition of this event make it unlike any other I have experienced and there is not an event like it in the US. It also ranks as among the hardest rides I have done. The passion for cycling as demonstrated in this event makes it clear to me that Italians live and breath cycling like no one else. Their fervor for the sport is unsurpassed and their skill as cyclsits is on a par with their zeal. Italy is now one of my favorite places to cycle!

Myself (left) with fellow rider Terry from England at the start.