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Not an epic ride, not even an arduous adventure,  just a lovely 100 kilometer ride on a beautiful spring day in one of the most spectacular national parks in the west! The Zion Canyon 100 km brevet on March 18, 2017.

Photo by David Hilton



March 21, 2015

I have ridden this route many times in the past, primarily when I was RBA for southern Utah and it was used on some of my events. Since then another RBA has stepped forward to organize events in Utah, Richard Stum from Salt Lake Randonneurs and he has resurrected the route. It’s early season in Utah and a perfect time for riding here in the south.



The Government shutdown did close Zion National Park to us but it did not shut down our fun!


Jack and Kathy in Springdale

Saturday’s Zion Canyon 200k was the last brevet to be held by Southern Utah Brevet. This year because of the government shutdown cyclists were not allowed to enter the park and we had to alter our route. We still rode into Springdale and up to the park gates which is still a spectacular ride, but most riders were very sorry to have to miss riding into the main canyon.

Even though the day started out a little cool it did eventually warm to the low 70’s and the winds were very light. With the clear air and blue skies it was a wonderful day to be on your bike! There were a few riders who cancelled on the ride but it was there loss. The remaining riders had a great day!

The National Park Service was letting cars pass through the park on the State Hwy but they were giving them a warning , no recreating while the park is closed. I guess that meant that the fun police were out, making sure that you weren’t smiling. Perhaps that is why we weren’t allowed into the park, we were smiling! (more…)


Robert Owen, sporting his mid-80’s L’Eroica finisher Bianchi!

This season in southern Utah we have a trimmed down schedule of brevets but there are still a couple of events that are among the most amazing rides out there! Anytime you can do a brevet in or near one of Utah’s beautiful national parks you should jump on board!


L’Eroica is just over a month away and it is time to make sure that everything is in order with the bike. I have a couple of hundred of miles on the Legnano already but have not done any real hills on it yet. I decided to to a hilly 100 km populaire into Bryce Canyon that has about 4000 feet of climbing in it. This should give me an idea of how the bike climbs and how well it is working.

The route starts in scenic Red Canyon a little ways outside of the park and climbs up the wonderful Red Canyon bike path. This path has been recently extended and will take you to within a few miles of the park. Eventually it will go all the way to Bryce Canyon National Park.


Thursday March 15, 2012

I had a request yesterday from a local rider to do one of my populaires, the Zion 101. It looked like it was going to be a spectacular day so I thought I should join him. We decided to go a little retro and take out a couple of our vintage bikes out for the excursion.

Bob has a 1985 Bianchi, updated with a few modern items but still with 6 speed with downtube shifters, toe clips and it is a L’Eroica ready rider. His leather riding shoes are the height of retro-fashion!

My ride for the day was a 1988 Battaglin Giro, Campagnolo Record equipped with 8 speed indexed downtube shifters and aero brake cable routing. It has a very clean and elegant look to it.


Strong thunderstorms rolling through the area the night before the event left some riders anticipating bad weather for the Saturday ride. At the 7 am start everything was wet and there were lowlying clouds from all of the moisture. The forecast looked pretty good however with a chance of showers building again by afternoon. If riders could finish in time it shouldn’t be a problem.

3 riders departed Panguitch in the early morning dew and under some lingering clouds. Temps were in the low 40’s and there was definitely a feeling of fall in the air but it was a good day to be riding. Winds were light and temperatures were expected to reach the mid-60’s.  The weather did become threatening again by the afternoon but didn’t cause any problems for the riders.

All three riders finished together in 8 hrs 50 min, with veterans Richard and Bob taking care of first timer Sharif until the finish. For Richard and Bob it was just another 200 km brevet but for Sharif it was a much bigger deal! He suffered a bit but hopefully learned a little from the veterans and will come back and join us soon! Congratulations to all three riders on their finish of a beautiful and under-appreciated route!

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