October 2010

Posted in absentia; durante el viaje en España

This was to be the last prime day riding in the high country above Cedar City. My loop would start at Navajo Lake which sits at 9000 feet elevation, just above Zion National Park. The last of the Fall colors were still visible around the lake and the trail had dried out nicely from recent snowfalls. The campgrounds were empty and there were few fishermen out. I cruised the backside of the lake loop around to the Virgin River Rim Trail and started to climb. In the shade of the trees the trail was a bit muddier, getting more-so the higher I went. Once I hit the ridge top though (over 10,000 feet) the soil was a little rockier and there was less mud so the good riding continued.  The views opened up and temps were about 50 degrees with no wind and clear skies, it was a beautiful day for late October.

A stunning day at Navajo Lake.



I’ve done this ride several times in the past but not for a couple of years. The highlight of the ride this year was to be among the first riders to be able to go over the new Hoover Dam Bridge. It is a spectacular concrete arch bridge spanning the Colorado River just south of the Hoover Dam itself.  It has just been finished but is not yet open to the public.


This post was written after a recent cycling trip to the northwest.

I live in the wilderness. Oh, my town may have all the modern conveniences like shopping, schools, an airport and interstate highway, but in many ways it may as well be 1000 miles from civilization.  Among the things you just can’t get here are a decent meal, locally brewed beer or a choice in coffee.  There are restaurants, but the quality of food in local establishments leaves a lot to be desired.  The nearest brew pub is probably in Las Vegas and Starbucks is your coffee house.  There is one other thing that I really miss by living in southern Utah and that is a mature and developed cycling community.  We have a small local cycling club and there are good riders among them, but their experience and vision of cycling are limited.  It is all race all the time and there is little civility demonstrated among riders.  Most of the members have not experienced cycling outside of Utah and at times they can be scary to ride with due to their lack of experience. (more…)