I have had this saddle for several months now, ever since it was first introduced by Brooks.  I purchased one of the original allotment of 500 that were released. I am not going to do the type of typical product review that you often get with new products. Instead, my assessment will be an ongoing test over a period of time and not just a quick first impression. All too often you can buy a product that you like and think will work well for you only to discover through time and use, its flaws or shortcomings.


My initial impression of this saddle are that it appears to be well made and is very attractive. The quality of the materials and its finish are first-rate. At 415 grams it is just slightly heavier than a Brooks Swift Ti (390g) which makes it a fairly lightweight saddle. The version I have (pictured above) is a special edition  model and newer versions will be offered in other colors. Brooks seems to be expanding it’s line of non-leather offerings.

Early road tests have been somewhat limited due to the onset of winter, but as weather permits I will contribute ongoing reviews. The test bike is a new Rawland Nordavinden which is set up as a gravel grinder. It is a bike capable of handling a wide variety of roads and conditions. It should be a good platform to test this saddle on.

Winter 2013

The few hundred miles I have put on the saddle so far have been good but not particularly revealing. The rides have mostly been short and in colder weather. The saddle sits nicely and does not appear as though it needs a break-in period but it is not as comfortable as my Brooks Swift or B-17. Shorter rides in colder weather are probably not the best conditions for saddle testing however. I hope to get a longer ride in on it soon!

February 2014

Okay, I had my first extended ride on the Cambium at the Gila Monster 300 km brevet in Arizona (ride report here). My impressions from that ride are that the saddle was just okay, neither bad nor outstanding. Hardly a definitive statement I know.  It was good for a newer saddle but was definitely not as comfortable (for me) as the many leather Brooks saddles I have. I originally assumed that a synthetic saddle would not need much of a “break-in” period, but now I am hoping that a little “break-in” will help this saddle. At this point for me, a conclusion is not possible. Clearly, only more testing will identify this saddle strengths or weaknesses.