Product testing

I have had this saddle for several months now, ever since it was first introduced by Brooks.  I purchased one of the original allotment of 500 that were released. I am not going to do the type of typical product review that you often get with new products. Instead, my assessment will be an ongoing test over a period of time and not just a quick first impression. All too often you can buy a product that you like and think will work well for you only to discover through time and use, its flaws or shortcomings.




A few weeks ago I was contacted by Motorola. They asked if I was willing to do some product testing on a new training device they are offering and then write my impressions of it on my blog. I agreed and they shipped the device out to me which was received within a couple of days.

It is an interesting device which records a surprising amount of data, that can then be uploaded later for analysis. It can track via GPS, your speed, elevation and plot your track! Then with other inputs such as a heart rate monitor and cadence sensor it can give you much more data to analyze including calories burned. If that wasn’t enough it is also an MP3 player which will not only hold 6GB or so of music or podcasts but it will compare your performance to your favorite workout tunes and tell you which you perform the best to!

Now, I am not much of a tech geek when it comes to my riding but this device seemed interesting to me. I think the MP3 player was the main attraction for me but as an aging cyclist I was also interested in looking at my heart-rate as well as my caloric burn rate. I thought that I would give the device a chance and see what it could do for me.