This frame is in the line up but not really ready to be built quite yet.  It was painted earlier this year by Joe Bell, the bike finishing artist in southern Cal.  I chose green because I did not yet have a green bike in my stable.  I publish it now only because I just pressed in the headset and the frame and fork are together now.  The subtle detail in the outlined lugs and some preserved chrome is very attractive. The head tube and down tube logos are raised, chromed lettering which I have not seen before.  It will be built with a Campy Super Record gruppo and some 36 spoke Mavic Open Pro wheels, along with a Brooks saddle of course and Cinelli bars and stem.

Information is a little hard to come by on this frame but apparently Messori apprenticied with Cinelli beforing going out on his own. I believe these frames to be very rare. If you have additional information on Messori Bicycle frames I would be interested. Please post a comment if you can offer any info.

This bike, when finished will be period correct and museum quality.  It will however still be ridden when the urge strikes me.  After all that’s the point, isn’t it?