1974 Legnano Gran Premio, completato!

Here it is, the finished project. It came out pretty much as I envisioned it, mostly original but with other components spec’d for the intended use and in a retro style. Form and function were equally important on this bike because of it’s intended use in the L’Eroica event later this year where a challenging course is ridden on historical bikes. As discussed in part 1I chose to preserve the paint in its existing condition, only taking measures to prevent further damage from rust. It retains the patina of age without the worry of further deterioration. The original components were thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled but also retain their blemishes. Other parts that were not original also show their age but are in good mechanical condition. Cables, chain and tires are new but were necessary to assure good performance.



  • Campagnolo Tipo high flange hubs
  • 36 hole clincher rim, could be Mavic or Araya (no label)
  • Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport derailleurs
  • Regina Extra 5 speed freewheel, 14/28
  • Ofmega headset
  • 3TTT bars and stem
  • Universal Model 61 brakeset
  • Ofmega bottom bracket (not original)
  • TA Specialties Crankset, 48/37 (not original)
  • Gipiemme pedals (not original)
  • Gipiemme Seat post (not original)
  • Ideal leather saddle (not original)
  • Continental 28c tires
  • Woodys fender set with homemade leather flaps
  • TA Specialties bottle cage
  • Mopha tool roll

The Gran Premio has been test ridden and fine tuned and I think it is ready for service. Of course more rides will be required to get things just right, and then there will be some preliminary events to do on it as well. When it has been thoroughly road tested by repeated events then I will feel it will be “L’Eroica ready”. The Legnano looks heroic and when I ride it I feel like Gino Bartali. It only needs to be taken home to the hills of Tuscany to show what it can do.









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