December 2016

This Italian beauty is naked!


After a dozen or so hours of effort I finally have the frame and fork stripped down to bare metal. I used “Aircraft Stripper” and a fine wire brush. Aircraft Stripper costs a little more but it doesn’t really do the job any better. I was hoping the fancy name and price would make it better. Oh well, lesson learned (again).



Rough but Original?

That is how this bike came to me. It had probably been ridden very lightly for a couple of years and then stored for over 40 years! It was as original as you can get with, tires, cables, seat and brake pads all nearly unused but suffering from age deterioration. Some rust has diminished the chrome but it should be 90 percent salvageable. There are scrapes on the paint and the logos are faded but other decals and the head-badge look pretty good! This is just how I like to get a bike, I think this will clean up very nicely!