March 2012

March 24, 2012

I was able to finish this ride last year in spite of the wet and miserable conditions experienced throughout the day. This year I hoped to do it in a little better weather. I partly got my wish!

Entering Pismo Beach



1974 Legnano Gran Premio, Part 4

Okay, the wheels are built and I am now ready to start the final assembly. In addition to the previously installed components mentioned in part 2, I have also put the original Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport derailleurs back on. They cleaned up very nicely and still function very well. The Universal brake levers were in great shape, even the gum rubber on the hoods looked good! I had a nice Regina Extra 5 speed freewheel laying around that is perfect for this bike. The 14/28 cogs along with the 37/48 TA crankset should give me the gearing that I want for riding the hills of the Chianti region of Tuscany later this year at L’Eroica.


 1974 Legnano Gran Premio, Part 3

Now it’s time for some wheels! I love the Campagnolo Tipo high flange hubs that are original to this bike but I am not a fan the tubular rims that were on it. For practicality and a greater variety in tire choices I decided to go with clinchers. I unlaced the original Fiamme tubulars and started shopping for some rims. It proved to be harder than I thought to find a pair that I liked!


Thursday March 15, 2012

I had a request yesterday from a local rider to do one of my populaires, the Zion 101. It looked like it was going to be a spectacular day so I thought I should join him. We decided to go a little retro and take out a couple of our vintage bikes out for the excursion.

Bob has a 1985 Bianchi, updated with a few modern items but still with 6 speed with downtube shifters, toe clips and it is a L’Eroica ready rider. His leather riding shoes are the height of retro-fashion!

My ride for the day was a 1988 Battaglin Giro, Campagnolo Record equipped with 8 speed indexed downtube shifters and aero brake cable routing. It has a very clean and elegant look to it.


1974 Legnano, Part 2

Okay, I have done all that I will do to restore and preserve the frame itself as shown in part 1 and I am now ready to begin assembly of the bike. I have a number of parts cleaned up and ready to reinstall, some of it is original stuff but I have a couple of replacement items too. First and foremost this bike will be a rider so anything that is deficient in function will be replaced. Also, other components could be upgraded if their appearance isn’t quite right. Form and function are both important elements in bringing this Italian classic back to life!


I picked up this bike as a second choice to an older Legnano that got away from me. It looked okay in the pictures but when it arrived it was in rougher shape than I had hoped for. Still, it looked sound enough and with a little effort I thought I could make this into a nice vintage rider. The bike came spec’d as follows:

  • Campy Nuovo Gran Sport rear derailleur
  • Campy Record front derailleur and shifters
  • Universal Model 61 brakes and levers
  • Campy Tipo high flange hubs with Fiamme rims
  • Ofmega headset, 3TTT bars and stem
  • Steel crankset and cottered bottom bracket
  • Steel post with no name Italian seat