My latest project, just completed over the holidays is one very cool bike.  I went for a bit of a different look here, trying to build a bike without any black on it.  It is harder than you might think, and although I consider it a successful effort there are still a couple of small parts that are black.  I do have new brake pads and cloth tape for terminating the leather bar tape coming still.  I will  have to ignore the black metal parts on the pedal spindles and wheel bearing cones.

This is a total race bike; these frames were raced in the Giro and Vuelta in 1988 (though not this particular frame). I am still researching which teams rode these bikes in that year.  The frame is new and was built up with all “new old stock” components. It is not really “period correct” since this model originally came with Campy Super Record 7 speed. I built it up with early Campy Record 8-speed and indexed downtube shifters. The other deviation is the aero cable routing for the brakes but the 3T bars and stem are correct.  The only new components are the Mavic Open Pro rims, DT spokes, Brooks Swift saddle and a modern clipless pedals.  It is a very minimalistic ride, simple and very quick! I have only ridden it several hundred miles so far but each time I take it outI love it .  This is basically a brand new 1988 race bike and if you didn’t know already, they built great bikes back then. You just cant beat the lively feel of a classic Italian bike.