March 2013


pego1My Pegoretti Palo Santo (Ms. Peggy) is my tried and true middle distance bike. I have ridden it since 2002 and use it mainly for 200 mile events and shorter brevets. I originally built it with a set of Campy Neutrons, an asymetrical rim design with bladed spokes. After doing some rim damage to the Neutrons I sold that wheel set and replaced them with some polished Campy Record hubs on Mavic Open Pro’s. These have made a great and durable wheel set and I have ridden them for many miles. After I wore out this first set of OP’s I simply rebuilt the wheels with a new set of Open Pro rims. Now, with many miles since this last rebuild the rim sidewalls are worn again and I am thinking about new wheels. I will keep the Campagnolo Record hubs so the real decision is, what rims should I use?




Riding in Davis California is like riding on my home turf, I have ridden here so often over the years! I wouldn’t normally travel this far for a 200 km brevet but my travel schedule had me in the area so I thought why not? I threw my bike in the car just in case the timing worked out.