June 2011

The 53rd annual Grand Tour Double Century hosted by the LA Wheelmen was held on June 25th, 2011. This was my fifth participation in this event and my second ride in the 200 mile version. They also do a 300 mile event which I have done before as well as a 400 mile event which I have not tried. Each of these events has a 24 hour time limit in which you must finish to receive credit for completion.

So far this season I’ve had the worst weather on almost every ride. Wind, rain and cold temps have been my constant companion at nearly every event and in every region, but the weather forecast for this years Grand Tour looked pretty good. Only time would tell if my riding partner Joe and I would have a good day!

Cruising up the PCH in the early morning.



This is a route that I have been looking forward to riding for many years. The weather forecast was good, the route looked great and I was ready to go!  I thought that this could be a ride to remember, little did I know what it would be remembered for!

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