February 2016


Now for some parts! Choosing the right parts for a build is usually pretty easy for me. I’m a Campy guy and for an Italian bike it should be a no-brainer, right! But this time I am letting the bike tell me what to do. With Simplex and Balilla as original equipment it is clear that this was not a top shelf racer, but probably more of a sport bike than entry level. A little French, a little Italian, I like it!



Well, right now I am happy with my frame alignment efforts so I am willing to commit some more time and effort to this project. The next step is to get the frame cleaned and more closely inspected. It can be hard to locate problems on a dirty frame so a good cleaning is necessary. As a second step, removal of rust from the chrome as well as the painted areas has to happen.



6:00 am  February 13,  2016,  Solana Beach CA


This would be my first event of any real distance this year. I signed up for it in part because I really like the route, but also because it fit in well with my availability. Still, doing nearly 200 miles in one day with no mileage base was going to be a challenge.