January 2011

I thought I would share my idea for a rear bag mount on a brevet bike. I have never been fully satisfied with many of the options that I have seen and used over the years, both functionally and aesthetically. I have used racks with trunks, seat post mounted tailrider bags and dangling seat mounted bags. I eventually came up with this idea which I have not seen before. I think it is a simple, elegant and functional solution to adding carrying capacity to almost any bike. It is both economical and versatile as well as ridiculously simple!



This was kind of a make up ride for me. I had intended to do the PCH 200k on January 8, but a family crisis forced me to cancel. I was able to reschedule to do this trip at the last minute. The weather forecast was perfect with inland temps in the 80’s, and 70’s along the coast and there was a predicted tailwind for the end of the ride! Recent rains had also left their impression on the landscape and there was green grass everywhere.

The ride started just at sunrise which meant, no lights and no reflective gear was required. That is pretty good for the short days of January! At the start I was able to visit with a number of friends I’ve made over the years from other events here in SoCal. It is always good to see the guys and gals you have ridden with before! I think that about 80 riders started the event which is a great turnout for an early season ride. The group stayed together for a short while but traffic controls and hills split the ride up into several bunches before long. (more…)