Not every bike has achieved it’s finest expression right out of the box, and so it is with my Bianchi L’Eroica. After several hundred miles of time in the saddle (including Eroica Hispania) I have come up with a few changes that I will make. Not that any of it will improve the performance of the bike, which is already great at this point, but just to add some style points. After all, can a classic bike ever really be too classic?


The first change is to the wheels. I do like the look of high flange hubs but this bike just needs more Campy stuff. The Dia Compe hubs will be replaced with some Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed hubs from eBay. Also, the rims are just a little narrower than I prefer. They were probably fine for the 23c tires that came on this bike but since I am running 32’s I would like to go a little wider. The Velo Orange Raid rim has the right look and is a nice and wide 25 mm. This should give a nicer profile to the Compass Stampede Pass tires which I am using. The new wheels will be built using new DT spokes and a 2x – 3x combination lacing pattern, which I think is interesting, but am told (by wheel builders that I trust) make for a very stout wheel!


Next will be to change the crank-set. The ENE-Ciclo unit that came on the bike is basically fine but the small ring is only a 36 tooth unit. The 96 bcd pattern will allow for a ring as small as a 32 tooth but they do not seem to be available. The are shown on the manufacturer website but apparently are not available in the aftermarket. I can swap to a VO Gran Compe model (a TA copy) which has many choice of ring sizes, all of which are currently available.


The Brooks Professional saddle that came on the bike is just fine but I found an Eroica California edition of the B-17. It is embossed with the Eroica logo and carries the theme of this bike just one step further. I just have to break it in again.

I have been using a Brooks Isle of Wight seat bag which has been fine, but I found that for Eroica type events I just don’t need that much carrying capacity. Instead I will use a Mopha tool roll which attaches nicely with toe clip straps and carries all that I need. The Brooks bag will switch over to one of my other bikes where I can use more carry space.

Lastly, for everyday riding I will put on my SPD pedals. I guess that I have evolved to prefer clip-less pedals for everyday riding. Of course I will still use the traditional pedal on Eroica events. Here is a link to the original build for this bike. I may not be done yet, but these things sometimes take some time!