February 2014

This is the first double century ride on the calendar for the west coast and one I have ridden before. Since I already have a 200 km and a 300 km event under my belt so far this year I thought it would be a good one for me. The timing was right too! Ideally, I like about 2 weeks between my big events and this one comes just 2 weeks after the Gila Monster 300.




I’ve always enjoyed going to ride the Arizona Brevet events. This year there has been a change in leadership in the series with longtime RBA Susan Plonsky retiring and accomplished randonneur Carlton Van Lueven stepping up to take the reigns. The Arizona region is blessed not only with great brevet routes and great early season riding conditions, but also with a large volunteer base. It looks like the AZ Randos have a deep bench to draw from for putting on events! The future looks bright in Arizona!