First, let me say that I’ve got lots of bikes. Bikes are like tools, and depending on the job you are trying to do you need to choose the right one. Sometimes a guy needs a lot of tools to choose from. I already have a brevet bike that I love! It’s a Co-motion Nor’wester that I had built for me about 5 years ago. It fits me perfectly and is all I could ask for in a brevet bike. I consider it a “legacy bike” and ride this bike at most brevets and in all of my big events (including PBP in 2007).

We travel to Portland frequently and have a condo there. I like to keep a couple of bikes in Portland so that when I am there I have something to ride without having to transport anything. I haven’t really had a suitable brevet bike there but there is some great riding in the Portland area. Oregon Randonneurs is a very active club and puts on some great events. I decided that I needed to have another brevet bike in Portland so that I could ride more of these events. I felt that I already had one “legacy bike” but to buy another one might be a little over the top, so I decided that I would see what kind of budget brevet bike I could find and set up for my rides in the northwest.