The Government shutdown did close Zion National Park to us but it did not shut down our fun!


Jack and Kathy in Springdale

Saturday’s Zion Canyon 200k was the last brevet to be held by Southern Utah Brevet. This year because of the government shutdown cyclists were not allowed to enter the park and we had to alter our route. We still rode into Springdale and up to the park gates which is still a spectacular ride, but most riders were very sorry to have to miss riding into the main canyon.

Even though the day started out a little cool it did eventually warm to the low 70’s and the winds were very light. With the clear air and blue skies it was a wonderful day to be on your bike! There were a few riders who cancelled on the ride but it was there loss. The remaining riders had a great day!

The National Park Service was letting cars pass through the park on the State Hwy but they were giving them a warning , no recreating while the park is closed. I guess that meant that the fun police were out, making sure that you weren’t smiling. Perhaps that is why we weren’t allowed into the park, we were smiling! (more…)