Cicli – R.Daniele – Ivrea


Late 1950’s or early 60’s?



My 2015 Bianchi L’Eroica

I originally discussed this bike in a post last year after I first heard about it, Preview of the Bianchi L’Eroica. I determined that I wanted to get one as soon as they became available and put my local bike shop onto the job of tracking one down. After a few months of phone calls and inquiries my Bianchi arrived in January of 2016. It appears to be the 17th bike in production based on the serial number, and is certainly among the first to arrive in the US.



Trying to straighten the frame

This is the problem that I am going to try and fix. The frame is upside down in the work stand and so the down tube shows as the upper in the picture. There is clearly some deformation visible on the underside of the down tube. The top tube is also damaged in the similar location but is not quite so severe.